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You can buy Bedroom Battle directly from our store. We ship to anywhere in the world for a low flat rate.

You can buy Bedroom Battle directly from our store. We ship to anywhere in the world for a low flat rate.

Bedroom Battle - A sex game for couples

Bedroom Battle is a sex game for couples where you play against each other to win rewards in the form of sexy challenges.

You decide which sexy challenges to enjoy, how quickly to heat things up, and how long the game lasts. An all-day marathon or a quickie? It’s your choice.

Your sexual preference does not matter. If you like sex, this game is for you.

Bedroom Battle - The Expansions

In late November 2017 we released two expansion decks for Bedroom Battle called Hot Summer Days and Naughty Winter Nights.

The Hot Summer Days expansion includes 21 new summer-themed Battle Cards and 54 fun and playful challenges on 18 Reward Cards.

Naughty Winter Nights contains 21 Christmas-themed battle cards and 54 challenges that are either romantic or extra kinky.


Bedroom Battle

92 Battle cards.
70 Reward cards with 210 sexy challenges.
1 Starting player card.
2 Bail cards.
1 Rules sheet.

Hot Summer Days Expansion

21 Battle cards with a summer theme.
18 Reward cards with 54 sexy challenges.
1 Instructions card.

Naughty Winter Nights Expansion

21 Battle cards with a Christmas theme.
18 Reward cards with 54 sexy challenges.
1 Instructions card.

How To Play

Bedroom Battle is easy to learn yet strategic and fun to play. Learn the basics by watching the video above and/or read below.

1. In Bedroom Battle there are two main types of cards. BATTLE cards and REWARD cards.

At the start of each game round you draw a REWARD card from the reward pile.

This is the card you will battle for during this game round, and the winner of the card gets to select one of the three challenges on the card that you both will have to act out.

Showtime! Your opponent will give you a lap dance while stripping naked

2. Fight for the reward using your BATTLE cards.

You do this by playing CHARACTERS that all have different levels of SEX APPEAL, indicated by a number in the top left corner.

The player who ends up with the highest total sex appeal wins the round, and the reward card.

Cleopatra and Amazon Warrior

3. You can also add ITEMS and ATTRIBUTES to your own or your opponent's played characters.

Playing items and attributes increases or decreases the sex appeal of a character.

For example: A rock star is pretty sexy, and giving him a private jet increases his sex appeal further, while a mankini decreases it.

Bedroom Battle item and attributes cards

4. The last type of cards are SPECIAL cards that can help you in many different ways.

Special cards are rare, and some of them are powerful enough to turn a game around completely.

The key is to figure out when to use your special cards to get the biggest effect.

Bedroom Battle special cards

5. The player who wins the most rounds wins the game.

The winner then draws a FINAL REWARD card, and selects a final challenge that is designed to bring both players to climax.

When you have completed the final challenge you have finished the game.

Twice, that's nice. You must bring each other to climax at least two times

In Bedroom Battle both players always win reward cards. However, strategy also plays a big part – so use your battle cards wisely in order to win the challenges you really want to act out.

Game Rules

Below you can download and print out the official Bedroom Battle rules.


Rules - English


Rules - Swedish

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