Luck & Love is live on Kickstarter

This Wednsday our third Kickstarter campaign finally went live, and what a crazy start we had!

Our goal was to get SEK 30 000, which we thought was quite a high goal, but somehow, thanks to you guys, it took us only 28,5 hours to reach it. So now it’s happening, Luck & Love will become a reality! Thank you everyone who’ve backed us, we really, really, really appreciate your support <3

Check out our Kickstart campaign here:

So what happens now? Well, on Kickstarter you set new goals 🙂 Our new goal is to hit SEK 50 000 so that we can afford a box upgrade and have a telescopic box instead of flimsy a tuckbox. So, with a little bit of luck, and som help from you, we can make that happen.

See you soon with more updates.


Best wishes,

Elin <3

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