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Hi everyone!

It’s been a busy 5 days since we launched our latest Kickstarter campaign but I thought we’d take some time and tell you how we’re doing so far. It’s funny, though it wasn’t that long ago we ran our last campaign I still forgot how much there is to do during one. You need to promote like crazy, answer all the messages and comments you get, promote a little bit more, write an update, promote, work on the game a bit, promote some more, write an update and a blog post and so on. Yes, there’s lots to do, but still we’re happy doing it because our games are our passion and we want to make this our living.

The Bedroom Battle base game and the Hot Summer Days and Naughty Winter Nights expansions in all their glory.

And how are our campaign doing? Well, in the 5 days we’ve been live we’ve gotten 157 backers and have raised just under SEK 50 000 (which is approx. $6,135) which is about 66% of our funding goal of SEK 75 000 (approx. $9,200). In comparison to the Luck & Love campaign, the new Bedroom Battle campaign got 18 more backers on the first 5 days than Luck & Love did, and since Luck & Love is our most successful campaign this far it bodes well for the future even though this campaign will run a few days shorter.

What more interesting numbers can I give you? Well, right now the projects preview link has generated 45 backers which is 21,71% of the total amount pledged. This campaigns project video has been played 733 times and 51,71% people saw the whole video. I know I can’t be the only one who likes to look at numbers and calculate things, so there you have our campaign numbers this far.

Now it’s time for me to get back to promoting the campaign – and I’m going to start right now 😉 If you want closer updates on how the new expansion decks are progressing check out our Facebook page, our Instagram and our Twitter. I post there quite a lot a show new sketches and illustrations almost every day. See you there!

Elin – Tingletouch Games

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