The new Dare Duel is on it’s way!

A little over a month ago we ended our Kickstarter campaign for the reprint of Dare Duel and I thought you’d like a little update on what’s happening right now.

If you missed the campaign but want to check it out anyway, you can find it here:

Below you can see what the new Dare Duel will look like. More adult and a lot more daring!


Right after the Kickstarter campaign ended we finished the last things on the game and sent the files to our manufacturer – and this is what the prototype looks like! We were really happy with it and the only small thing we decided to change is the color of the insert, so the final product will have a red insert to match the inside of the box, instead of the white one on the picture.



As soon as we have anything more to tell you we’ll do that of course. And until then, have a good one!


All the best,


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