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Connect Foreplay is a sex game available for Android and iOS phones and tablets. Below you can download it from App Store, Google Play or Amazon.

Connect Foreplay - A sex game for couples

Connect Foreplay is very similar to the children’s game with a similar name, however in this game every marker contains different types of sexy challenges.

Once a player connects four markers, both players need to complete four erotic challenges based on the type of markers used to win the round. Players then continue to the next round in a game that gets progressively hotter and hotter.

How To Play

Learn how to play Connect Foreplay by watching the video above and/or check out the screenshots below.

Compete to connect markers on a game board and win erotic favors from your partner

The winning markers decide which type or erotic challenges you will perform

Enjoy over 850 sexy challenges in many categories - from sex talk to wild and dirty

As you progress through the three game levels the challenges become hotter and hotter

Free to download and play the first two levels. Unlock the full game to access the third level

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