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Dare Maker is a sex game available for Android and iOS phones and tablets. Below you can download it from App Store, Google Play or Amazon.

In Dare Maker players take turns building sexy dares and creating intimate questions by chosing one of four different phrases each time it's their turn.

The goal is to get to know each other better by talking about sex, and also finish as many erotic dares as possible before your lust takes over - which won't be easy as the game gets more and more naughty the longer you play.

How To Play

Learn how to play Dare Maker by watching the video above and/or check out the screenshots below.

Compete with your partner to create your own sexy dares

Each round, one of you gets to add something to your dare

When you've finished building a dare it's time to act it out

And it's just as fun no matter if you're straight, gay or lesbian

Easy to play, just answer a few simple questions and go!

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