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You can buy Luck & Love directly from our store. We ship to anywhere in the world for a low flat rate.

You can buy Luck & Love directly from our store. We ship to anywhere in the world for a low flat rate.

Luck & Love - A sinfully sexy game for daring couples

In Luck & Love two players roll six dice in order to score different dice combinations found on score pads. Not only do they win points, but more importantly they also win sexy favors from each other.

Sounds simple? It is! But Luck & Love has a lot more fun content than just dice and score pads. There are bonus tokens, bail cards, strip cards, sex cards and climax cards too. Also, all pages in the score pads are different, making every game unique.


6 Dice.
12 Bonus tokens.
2 Score pads with 550 sexy challenges.
19 Strip cards with 38 sexy challenges.
20 Sex cards with 40 sexy challenges.
19 Climax cards with 38 sexy challenges.
2 Bail cards.
1 Rules sheet.

How To Play

It only takes a few minutes to start playing Luck & Love. Learn how it works by watching the video above and/or read below.

1. There are two different score pads in Luck & Love, and at the start of the game each player randomly selects one of the two, and uses one page in their score pad as their score card for this game. Each score card has two sides, the first side contains warm-up challenges and the other really hot stuff.

Luck & Love - Score pads

On your turn you have three attempts to roll 6 dice in order to score any of the different scoring combinations on your score card. After each roll you can decide to keep as many dice as you want and re-roll the rest. Just like in Yahtzee. But the similarities stop there.

2. If you manage to score a combination you write down the result on your score card, and you also win the corresponding sexy challenge that must be acted out before play continues. The turn then moves to your opponent.

Luck & Love - Score card

Example: After three attempts you have rolled three twos. You score 6 points (3 x 2) and get to enjoy an intimate massage for 3 minutes.

When both players have filled in all 6 boxes on the first side of their score cards, and have calculated their total scores, they turn over their score cards and move on to the second, hotter, round.

3. During the game, the players can also win cards containing special challenges. The winner of the first round gets to draw a STRIP card and select a challenge that always ends with both players becoming naked in one way or the other.

During the second round the challenges are not only hotter, but players can also win SEX cards containing near-climax experiences. The winner of the second round also wins the game, and gets to draw a CLIMAX card and select one of two challenges designed to bring both players to climax.

Luck & Love - Score card

4. Finally, Luck & Love also contains bonus tokens and bail cards. The bonus tokens can be won each time a player scores a dice combination without using all their three dice rolls. For each roll saved, they win one bonus token. The bonus tokens can be used at any time to either provide an extra dice roll, or an extra minute when acting out any challenge with a time limit.

Luck & Love - Score card

Each player also has two bails, represented by the two sides of their bail cards. These cards can be used at any time to bail out from a challenge they do not want to act out. There are only two for an entire game though, so they should be used wisely.

Luck & Love contains 50 different score cards, and each score card has a unique set of sexy challenges, which ensures that players end up trying new things each time they play. All in all Luck & Love contains 666 different sexy challenges, which is far more than the majority of sex games on the market.

Downloadable Score Pads

Should you run out of space on the included score pads you can download and print them below. You can also find additional score pads, not included in the original game, to download and play. These score pads contain 10 brand new games with either a BDSM theme or a fun & playful theme. Finally, you can also download blank score pads, allowing you to create your own challenges and dice combinations.

The Original Score Pads

The BDSM Score Pads

The Fun & Playful Score Pads

Blank Score Pads

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