Meet Yahtzee’s sexy younger cousin, a daring game where you play against your partner to win the most important thing in life - sex!

In Luck & Love you roll six dice in order to score different dice combinations found on score pads. Not only do you win points, but more importantly you also win sexy favors from each other.

Sounds simple? It is! But Luck & Love has a lot more fun content than just dice and score pads. There are bonus tokens, bail cards, strip cards, sex cards and climax cards too. Also, all pages in the score pads are different, making every game unique.

The biggest sex game ever made?
The box is relatively small, but it comes tightly packed with a total of 666 DIFFERENT sexy challenges to act out, meaning Luck & Love can be replayed over and over and over and over again without ever feeling repetitive.

For everyone
It does not matter what your sexual preference is. All challenges are designed to work for everyone – without compromise.

Video explaining how to play:

6 Dice.
12 Bonus tokens.
2 Score pads containing sexy challenges.
19 Strip cards.
20 Sex cards.
19 Climax cards.
2 Bail cards.
1 Rules sheet.

Playing time: 60-120 minutes.

Language: English.

Dimensions: 15.7 x 10.2 x 3 cm (6.2 x 4 x 1.2″).

Created by: Tingletouch (